Sylvia Samson is a Dutch singer a true multifuncional artist on her own.

In 1997 she debut the song, “Het kan in Almere” and became known nationally.
For 2 years she went on tour with Rene Froger and Glennis Grace, where they did a duet song together, ‘Goodbye”.
Afther this tour she was asked to join a Latin tour, with Ruth Jacott.
Many other well known artist asked her to work with them at home and abroad.

Her live took a turn in 2007 when her daughter was born, she choose to be a mom and took some time off.

Her vision and strenght to starting her own business is inspirate by her difficult youth and passion for health and sports, this is also a part of her that’s still growing.

”Zweef” and “Snaren van mijn hart” have been released in 2022 when she was signed to a contract with Major Indepent Music (Main Music) for a brief periode of time.

In June 2023 she released her new song “One more time” which she wrote together with producer songwriter Dirk Vermeij (on which she co-produced).

As she now enters a new chapter musically she’s doing it with a clearer vision than before, she’s continuce writing songs and momentum to reach people.